Our Story

Ideas happen when great food and great company are coupled with a combined industry experience of over 80 years. Sitting at some of our favorite local restaurants on the South Shore in Massachusetts, the idea for Gardeen grew and blossomed. Our conversations and entrepreneurial spirit led us to think about how we could create proactive solutions for our ever-changing industry. That is when we found our solution in the technology of the monitoring system. That is why we felt the Gardeen Monitoring System would change how we find preemptive care solutions for our aging adults. So many things have changed in the past few years in long-term care and the overall employee market, significantly impacting the industry’s business models. Add in the technological advances, and we felt we needed to put our heads together to find how to respond to this need. It becomes the eyes and ears where our partners and we cannot have them, with innovative and noninvasive devices that give us critical information to provide the appropriate care and make informed decisions to support families and their loved ones.