Assessment Services

Gardeen offers a comprehensive data assessment service weekly or monthly to individuals and families. Through daily monitoring of activities, we collect real-time data to create a wellness map that tracks the consumer’s activity patterns and changes over time. This information serves as a valuable tool for conducting a thorough assessment of the individual’s current activity levels and trends.

Our assessment provides insights into the consumer’s activity levels and how they have evolved over time. We keep track of small changes in activity patterns, inactivity, gait speed, time spent in bed, sleep duration, and sleep quality to identify potential issues before they escalate. As older adults are at risk for urinary tract infections, depression, falls, dementia, and other physical ailments. By detecting and discussing these changes early on, we can intervene promptly to ensure the older adult’s continued thriving and health in their living environment.

After analyzing the data and evaluating the wellness map, Gardeen provides recommendations and support to ensure that the consumer’s safety and well-being needs are met.