Gardeen Monitoring System

The Gardeen Bracelet

This product provides an unobtrusive window into what were once unobserved, day-to-day activities of participants in their homes and Assisted Living Facilities, providing dignity and privacy to the participant.

The Gardeen bracelet is a lightweight bracelet worn by the individual being monitored with a sensor that captures and delivers data showing activity changes over time. This non-invasive, technology-driven product provides aggregate data shared with users, caregivers, and family members through the easy-to-use smartphone app and dashboard.

Trends are tracked using a bracelet that monitors the participants’ activity and provides data that can demonstrate either that the participant is thriving and safe in their environment or that consideration for additional care and safety measures may be needed.

The Gardeen Gateway

The installation process for Gardeen Monitoring System is user-friendly and can be initiated by an individual, family, or caregiver.  Two or more gateways are strategically placed to ensure complete home coverage, usually in the hallway and bedroom.  All that’s left to do is pair the bracelet to the gateways and walk around the internal perimeter.

The Gardeen App

The Gardeen Monitoring System provides real-time check-in and exercise metrics inside and outside the home, including a gait speed score, resting-now insight, historical graph, and configurable smart alerts for fall detection, alarm button activation, night-time wandering, bracelet off, bedroom occupancy for over 24 hours, and offline user notification.

Insight That Reassures
  • Real-time check-in
  • Exercise metrics in and outside the home
  • Gait speed score
  • Location in the home
  • Resting-now insight for visit planning
  • Historical graph with date selection
Configurable Smart Alerts That Reassure
  • Fall detection
  • Alarm button activation
  • Night-time wandering
  • Bracelet off
  • Bedroom for 24 hours
  • Resting for over 12 hours
  • User down notification

The Desktop Dashboard

The Gardeen desktop view provides an in-depth look into the service users’ well-being.

  • Weekly or Monthly well-being report
  • Sleep Schedule
  • Activity levels during the day
  • Time spent away from the home
  • Exercise minutes
  • Gait speed trends
  • Temperature